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 NEWSLETTER No. 1/2018

And so the year has rolled round yet again and I find myself in deepest winter penning the first Newsletter of the year. That being the case we need some cheer:                                               

When that the chill Charocco blows
And winter tells a heavy tale,
When pies and daws and rooks and crows
Do sit and curse in frost and snows,
Then give me ale.

From “In Praise of Ale”  by Thomas Bonham

Given the heavy snows over the last week many may appreciate the idea of a glass of something warming by the fire, and I hope that the turn of the year led to much merriment and joy in your households. Could it however match the merriment we enjoyed at the Christmas Party? A really splendid evening with record numbers attending at the British Embassy Residence. Sadly, the Ambassador was called back to a Brexit meeting in London and was one of those who missed the event, but one women’s loss was her Deputy’s gain with Mark Bensberg welcoming us with  stories of his personal ties to Norway, starting with his first ever job in the Foreign Office, that of getting the Christmas Tree to Trafalgar Square. With that start who would have known that the hand of sickness had descended on the staff at the Residence on the day of the party, leaving them rather short staffed and with key people missing? No sign was evident as the canapes were circulated and the wine flowed. Many long time members were delighted to see our previous Chairman Stephen Constant join us for the evening, fortuitously visiting from the UK. My special thanks to Sybil Richardson aka Vera Lynn, who with the able support of pianist Bill Spade treated us to a walk down memory lane, marking the centenary of Dame Vera’s birth with songs we all knew and loved. I cannot recall when the audience joined in so enthusiastically, nor made so much noise as the familiar tunes rolled out across the ballroom from under Bill’s fingers. This poses us with a giant problem: What to do in 2018? Well just as Vera herself puts it “Just you wait and see”.

Looking forward to 2018, the first thing to get off my chest is the reminder that Annual Subscriptions are now due: Please 1) note the current subscription rates- NOK 350 for individuals and NOK 500 for a family, and 2) pay as promptly as you can. Payment details are on page 4.

As to what is in store for the year, the Committee is well advanced and on page 2 you will see the program so far. Note the dates and I look forward to seeing all of you at sometime over the year. In addition to the Christmas party we do have some rather fine, fun and interesting events in store.

Michael Brooks,  Chairman Anglo Norse Society

ANS Newsletter 1-2018 and Events List



For any questions concerning the program please don’t hesitate to contact our secretary: / 41510840

2017 Subscription Payment details:

Family Subscription NOK 500,- individual membership NOK 350,-

Please pay to: Norsk- britisk forening, c/o Michael Brooks, Nils Collett Vogts vei  7, 0766 Oslo

DnB Account no. 7020.20.02143

Membership cards will not be distributed. Your payment will be registered automatically.



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